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The coaching industry is recognized as one of the fastest growing industries in the World. Yet, there are still a lot of grey zones as to industry standards, ethics, fees, evaluation & monitoring, trends, etc. We believe that the best people that can contribute in clarifying these grey zones are the stakeholders of the industry: the clients (corporate or individuals) and the coaches (internal or external).

With Coaching Surveys, we are doing hands on research on this industry by running surveys aimed at gaining insight from coaching stakeholders. We will share our findings on this site. To date our survey has covered mainly China.  We are happy to have expanded to India and Hong Kong for this current survey 2016/2017. In the future, we hope to expand to other frontiers and regions such as Europe, Africa and beyond. The website will also be a place to exchange and share industry updates, findings and trends.

Our Survey 2016-2017

Report in English

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Previous Survey Reports 2014/15


3rd Comprehensive Coaching Survey in China 2014 - English
3rd Comprehensive Coaching Survey in China 2014 - Chinese


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