Dr Yene Assegid - Transformative Leadership Coach

Yene Assegid, PhD/PCC

Leadership, Transformation and Change Coach and Trainer


About 20+ years ago, I started my coaching and trainer career working with civil war survivors, with women surviving in red light districts, and with members of communities living in very precarious conditions. It was the best school I could have ever asked for to learn about serving individuals in their life transformation journey. This early career branded in my heart that we are all part of one human system with comparable human concerns. It always remains a great influence in the work I deliver through coaching and training.

In recent years, my work has shifted to the corporate world, although I continue to serve civil society organisations in developing countries whenever possible, especially organisation working for womenís and childrenís human rights. Transformative Leadership Coaching and Training is not just about results and business; for me itís about recognizing our humanity and standing to serve that as best we can.

Academically, I hold a BA and MBA in Finance/Investment analysis and a PhD in Transformative Leadership and Change. In terms of professional affiliations, I count myself a happy member of APAC, EMCC and ICF. I am based in Brussels, Belgium.


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