Mila Dorosh - A Millennial Coach

Mila Dorosh

A Millennial Coach

A Millennial Coach is a coach for new generation of leaders, teams of mixed generations and those who work for, with or towards the millennials or just starting their self-discovery process.

An empowering, confidence building and inspiring coach, Mila Dorosh combines her coaching talent with international experience, hands on team leadership and business expertise in China to offer a very special coaching and training service in the fast changing and dynamic Asian market and for businesses working with China and beyond.

She is a WABC certified coach, specializing in individual and team coaching for team leaders and high potential performers. Mila is not however just a certified coach, she has been using coaching in real life throughout her career to open the minds of her team members and build efficient and effective businesses.

Mila has had a long-term passion for learning and development, even as a student, studying Public Relations in Russia, she was organising creative and innovative learning events and conferences for fellow students. In her first hospitality role in the USA she was soon spotted as someone who could develop others and was made responsible for training new employees to deliver exceptional customer service. Moving to Shanghai in 2006, Mila developed her more entrepreneurial talents, developing new VIP travel programmes for Russian travel providers.

Seeking the opportunity to once again lead and develop other people Mila became the Assistant General Manager of the House of Blues and Jazz, a highly regarded live music venue in the competitive Shanghai market, using her entrepreneurial talents to develop and promote the business and her communication skills and coaching talents to build a team and create experience that exceeded customer expectations. After 4 years ASC Fine Wines of Shanghai recruited Mila as their sales manager with further promotion to senior sales. To achieve the significant sales and profit targets she built a dynamic highly motivated sales team who very effectively implemented the company market strategy. As a result in, Mila received the 2014 CEO Award for the outstanding leadership skills.

In addition to her entrepreneurial and developmental/coaching talents, Mila is fluent in English, Chinese and Russian and can converse in French, Spanish and Italian.


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