coaching_survey_graph_400.JPG 3rd Coaching Survey: What it's all about
By: Dr Yene Assegid   (2014-10-19)

Three Coaches, with extensive coaching experience globally as well as in China, initiated the 3rd Comprehensive China coaching study. This study aims to bring more market intelligence and contribute to evolving the China coaching industry. In China coaching is still in what can be considered a developing market. There is not sufficient data available for all coaching stakeholders to fully appreciate and value coaching can deliver.

There were two surveys, completed and published by the same team in 2010 and 2012 respectively. Both survey made sound impact in China coaching industry. In 2010, the survey was launched and published in English language only. In 2012, it was administered and published in both English and Chinese language. In total, the previous surveys had 401 participants; 94 Companies 151 External Coaches; 88 Internal Coaches 88. This year, the team expects a large participation from all stakeholders. Numbers will be made available on the website before the end of 2014.

What makes these surveys both interesting and unique is the design of the questions and the stakeholders participating. The survey is designed to blend both qualitative and quantitative methods to reach and draw comprehensive perspectives from a wide and diverse range of stakeholders.

The previous two surveys 2010 and 2012 gave good momentum. This third surveys aims to build on the past experiences to further research and understand the China market to continue learning.

This survey aims to gather the opinions, experiences and perceptions of corporates, internal coaches and external coaches about the Coaching Industry in China. The question of the survey will be line the 2010 and 2012 survey to allow data comparison, an understanding on how coaching is evolving in China and continue building a comprehensive picture of the corporate coaching territory.

In terms of time frame, publication is scheduled for May 2015. The intention is to send the survey out to participants by November, in order to have all the data back by October. Analysis and write will take place in between January and March.

Due to the scope of work, the team working on this survey has grown to 5 individuals, 3 Coaches, 1 statistician, 1 HR consultant., all seasoned professionals in their respective line of work.

There are several reasons motivating the team to run the survey this year. In addition to seeking further knowledge about the coaching industry, especially in a territory like China where coaching is growing, the knowledge gathered through this survey will support companies understand more the value of coaching. Further more, the results of the survey will allow companies to get a better perspective of how coaching can support them to deliver results, motivate their staff and reduce employee turnover.

For example, looking at one of the greatest challenges facing the corporate sector in China: high employee turnover - the survey can give insights to manager and corporate leaders and see how coaching might increase Employee retention which at this time represents one of the top 3 most critical business challenges companies are facing in China. Coaching is part of leadership development and is impactful to retain employees.

For coaches, both internal and external, the survey is a source of insight about how companies perceive coaching. Do companies value coaching or not, are they ready to invest in coaching to support their staff or not, what is it about coaching that companies value most. Such questions and points of reflection will give coaches an edge into adjusting, fitting their services to the market demands.

By October 15, 2014, further information about the coaching survey 2014/2015 will be made available. To get in touch with the team, sign up to receive the report when it is published or simply follow the progress and updates of the survey; please visit the dedicated site (